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When ants try to take over your home, call Sage Pest Control. Here at Sage, your comfort and well-being matter to us, which is why we are committed to taking care of your every pest problem. Whether you need help eliminating an existing infestation or you would like to prevent a future invasion, our Greensboro ant control team of experts is here to help. Using top-quality, EPA-registered products, our team can provide year-round protection against ants.

Our Greensboro Ant Control Services Cover:

  • Black ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Acrobat ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Fire ants

When you want the job done right the first time around, turn to Sage Pest Control. Our pest control team is confident in our ability to deliver the lasting results you are looking for.

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Signs of an Ant Problem

While the clearest sign of an ant infestation is visibly encountering a swarm of ants inside, there are other indications to look out for in the event that you don’t come across these insects in your home.

You Need to Schedule Ant Control in Greensboro If You Discover:

  • Small piles of soil or dirt with a hole in the center
  • Piles or trails of sawdust
  • Hollow sounds when you knock on wooden beams
  • Crumbling wooden structures
  • Small, discarded wings around windows or doors

If you suspect you have an ant problem, our Greensboro pest control team offers thorough inspections. You can count on us to quickly locate the colony and deliver a customized treatment plan.

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How to Prevent Ant Infestations

Ant infestations are incredibly common, but that doesn’t make them any less irritating. When it comes to these frustrating pests, prevention is key. Luckily, there are a few things you can do around your home to significantly reduce the risk of an infestation.

To Prevent Ants, You Should:

  • Move woodpiles away from the foundation of your home
  • Avoid keeping pet food outside
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Store any leftover food in airtight containers
  • Toss overripe fruits
  • Take your trash out regularly
  • Make sure your outside trash bins are closed properly
  • Sweep or vacuum your floor each day
  • Wipe your counters each day
  • Repair holes in window or door screens
  • Seal gaps in doors and windows
  • Schedule routine pest control

Ants can make their way into your home at any time, which makes routine pest control very important. At Sage Pest Control, we are familiar with all types of ants and know exactly how to treat your home to keep them from making their way inside. Give our Greensboro ant control experts a call to learn more.

How Sage Pest Control Treats Ants

Each of our pest management professionals is fully trained and qualified to provide effective ant control services throughout Greensboro. Our integrated pest management strategies—such as the use of baits, sprays, exclusion, and prevention techniques—enable us to deliver fast and effective results.

Can I Treat Ants on My Own?

We understand you might be tempted to treat your ant infestation on your own, but we recommend putting your trust in Sage Pest Control instead. Treating ant infestations requires the ability to locate and treat the entire colony, which is not an easy task considering most colonies are found underground. Additionally, over-the-counter ant treatment products are often incredibly ineffective, especially in eliminating the colony.

When you turn to Sage Pest Control for ant control in Greensboro or the surrounding areas, you can rest assured that we will get the job done right. We are equipped with the highest quality products and most advanced equipment, which enables us to deliver the most reliable services possible. You can trust us to locate and eliminate the colony and prevent any future infestations from taking place.

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As a family-owned company, Sage Pest Control believes everyone deserves access to a safe and healthy home. When ants try taking over your home, you can count on us to effectively eliminate the infestation at hand and protect your Greensboro home from future infestations.

With Sage Pest Control on Your Side, You Can Expect:

  • Free estimates
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Year-round pest protection
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Highly trained and fully qualified technicians
  • GreenPro and QualityPro certified technicians

Don’t settle for any less than the top-quality service that you deserve. Turn to Sage Pest Control for your every pest problem and rest easy knowing your home is in the hands of the most trusted service professionals around.

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We've Got You Covered Guaranteed Same Day Service

*Same day service is available if you call before noon (M - F) for general pest control services.

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