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Rodents can cause big problems in homes and commercial buildings. The most common rodent found in our area is the common house mouse, but other rodents like rats can also cause problems. If you are having a rodent problem, call Sage Pest Control. Our experienced technicians offer expert service for rodent control in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.

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Where Do Rats & Mice Nest?

They both like to make their nets in any area of debris or place that is infrequently visited.

Common Places Inside That You May Find Mice and Rats:

  • Crawl spaces & behind walls
  • Attics & basements
  • Behind appliances
  • Inside boxes

Places Outside Your House Where Rats and Mice May Live:

  • Under decking
  • Under your foundation
  • Trees
  • Piles of wood
  • Thick brush or vegetation

If you suspect that you are dealing with mice or rats, it is important to call a Charlotte rodent control professional right away. Not only can these pests be pesky, but they can also bring along fleas, lice, and disease.

*We do not offer removal services for dead rodents*

Give our Charlotte mice control and rat removal experts a call today at (704) 413-3398 for customized solutions for any rodent problem.

How Much Damage Can Rodents Cause?

Homeowners are often horrified to learn they have a rodent in the house. Rodents can cause significant property damage and spread disease to humans and domestic animals. When rats and mice get into your house, they can chew through your drywall, wiring, and other structures, causing property damage and contaminating your home with their saliva and droppings.

What Diseases Do Mice and Rats Carry?

  • Rabies
  • Salmonelosis
  • Plague
  • Rat bite fever
  • Maurine typhus
  • Hantavirus

What’s the Difference Between Mice and Rats?

Rodents can include many types of pests, but two of the most common in the Charlotte area are mice and rats. Mice are typically identifiable by their smaller, rounded ears and long, thin tails that are covered with a thin layer of fur. Rats have more blunt noses, thicker tails that are usually hairless, and, in general, rats are much larger than mice.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats

In addition to our pest control services, it is important to prevent rodents from gaining access to your Charlotte home.

Seal Exterior Points of Entry: Mice can squeeze into a gap as small as the size of a quarter, so it is helpful to look for any cracks, holes, or gaps in your home to stop mice and other rodents from getting inside. Regularly inspect the outside of your home to find possible points of entry and seal them to prevent rodents from coming back.

Clean Up Debris Regularly: Mice, rats, and other wildlife can also take up residence outdoors, close to your home. Their presence outdoors makes it more likely that they will find their way into your home. You can help keep them away by inspecting your yard to eliminate places that rodents find appealing. Rocks, piles of lumber, old equipment, and other debris should be removed from your yard, when possible, or kept far from the house to discourage rodents from making themselves at home.

Year-Round Mice & Rat Control Throughout Charlotte

Locating all rodent territories is essential for completely eliminating the problem. Although rodents are known to enter homes when the weather turns cold, these pests can be a problem at any time of the year. We offer comprehensive rodent and pest control services to provide year-round protection for your home.

Our Rat & Mice Extermination Plan Includes the Following Steps:

  1. Our Charlotte rat control and mice removal technicians start with a thorough inspection of your property to look for rodent droppings and other indications of activity.
  2. Based on our inspection, we create a customized rodent control plan for your home with the best products and most effective rodent control techniques.
  3. After our initial visit, we can return for quarterly service to keep pests out of your home throughout the year.

*We do not offer removal services for dead rodents*

Please contact us at (704) 413-3398 for a free quote by phone or to schedule rodent control at your Charlotte, Raleigh, or Greensboro home

Act Quickly When it Comes to Rodents

A few rodents can quickly turn into an infestation, so it is important to address the problem as soon as you discover it. Rodents are fertile breeders and one mouse can produce more than 300 descendants in a year. At Sage Pest Control, we offer effective rodent control with the best methods, products, and technologies to get rid of rodents and keep them from coming back. Call (704) 413-3398to learn more about our effective rat and mice control methods in Charlotte, Concord, Garner, Gastonia, Durham, and beyond.

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