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Have you noticed strange dirt tubes around your foundation? Have you seen strange swarms of insects near your lights or elsewhere on your property? And have you knocked on your walls to find they sound empty and hollow? If any of this is clicking for you, then you may have a termite problem on your hands. Fortunately, Sage Pest Control offers expert termite control in Greensboro backed by over a decade of experience.

What Damage Can Termites Do to My Home or Business?

It is estimated that termites cause a whopping $5 billion in property damage to commercial and residential properties every year—and that’s in the U.S. alone. Remember, termites aren’t covered under homeowners’ insurance, so if you suspect an infestation, be sure to call our Greensboro termite control specialists at Sage Pest Control right away.

Termites Have Been Known To Destroy Parts of Homes Including:

  • Wall studs
  • Rafters
  • Structural timbers (trusses, beams, etc.)
  • Wood flooring
  • Subfloors
  • Paneling
  • Support in flooring and ceiling
  • Drywall paperboard
  • Wooden furniture

There are over 40 species of termites found around the globe, there are three common ones you need to watch out for here in the U.S.: subterranean termites, drywood termites, and dampwood termites. While subterranean termites enter your home through mud tubes in the ground and dry and dampwood termites enter through swarmers (the winged termites that pave the way for an invasion) and infected wood, all these species can cause a ton of destruction.

Benefits of Choosing Our Pros for Your Termite Treatment

Our termite inspections are always performed with the utmost attention to detail, and our extermination methods are safe, eco-friendly, and designed to keep termites away from your property for good. We also promise to stay in contact with you throughout the service process, because we believe communication is key in delivering customer satisfaction. And with free estimates from our highly trained team, it’s no wonder customers can’t stop singing our praises.

Call Sage Pest Control today for scheduling at (704) 413-3398, and experience Greensboro, NC termite treatment that’s built to last.

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How to Prevent Termites

Of course, the best way to prevent termites from damaging your property is simply to keep them away from it in the first place. Termites are attracted to moisture, for one thing, and as you already know, they feed off wood (or, more specifically, the cellulose from which wood is made.) It can be difficult to detect a termite infestation until it is already underway, so make sure to take whatever precautions you can, and to reiterate, never hesitate to call Sage Pest Control for a termite inspection in Greensboro.

The Best Ways To Prevent a Termite Infestation on Your Property Are:

  • Sealing up cracks in your foundation
  • Keeping up with regular maintenance and repairs (especially as they relate to wood)
  • Making sure you don’t have excess moisture around the perimeter of your home
  • Storing firewood outside of your house
  • Using fewer woodchips in your landscaping and other areas close to your house

Get Advanced Termite Treatment & Prevention in Greensboro

Sage Pest Control is proud to offer several advanced products and services when it comes to termite extermination. These include the Trelona® ATBS Advance® Termite Baiting System, which allows us to set bait to eliminate termites without forcing your property to undergo a lengthy and disruptive trenching process.

Another industry-leading option is the Termidor HP, which injects termite pesticide 12 inches into the ground, so it directly reaches the primary termite activity zone. This option requires less water than traditional termite treatment, has more precision, is safe for your pets and family, and will not damage your yard or landscaping.

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Don’t let termites threaten the investment you’ve made in your property and all the memories you have tied to it. Call Sage Pest Control today for a range of coupons and specials designed to fit any budget. Our reputation is built on a history of delivering results, and we guarantee you a friendly, helpful, happy experience on each service call. Plus with after-hours emergency appointments and availability on Saturdays upon request, Sage Pest Control is always here for your Greensboro termite control and treatment needs

Call now at (704) 413-3398, or click here to contact us online to schedule an appointment for termite control in Greensboro, NC.

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We've Got You Covered Guaranteed Same Day Service

*Same day service is available if you call before noon (M - F) for general pest control services.

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