6 Important Steps to Follow When You Come Across a Wasp Nest

Bee hive

You’ve been out in your yard lately and you’ve noticed a few wasps flying here and there. You start looking around, and bingo! You’ve found a lovely wasps nest on your fence. You’ve heard horror stories about wasps, like how they can sting repeatedly and how horrible allergic reactions can sometimes prove to be fatal. What do you do now?

Here are 6 steps to take once you discover wasp nests on your property.

  1. Do not go near the nest!: Move away slowly because the wasps are sensitive to movement and can sting if they feel threatened.
  2. Treat all wasps as dangerous: You may hear advice to determine what kind of wasps they are: bald-faced hornet, paper wasp, or yellow jacket, etc. But all wasps will sting when they sense that they are threatened. The level of aggressiveness varies, but nevertheless, they may still attack.
  3. Wait until dusk: If you decide to eliminate the nest yourself, wait until dusk. Wasps are less aggressive at night and tend to stay in their nests.
  4. Put on protective gear: Make sure that your entire body is covered; this includes your head, face, ears, and hands.
  5. Make your decision – poison or no poison?: If you decide to kill the wasps and get rid of its nest, you need to choose the right pesticide. You can find some at any hardware store or supermarket. Make sure it does say that it is for wasps and read the label carefully. If you decide to not use and want to salvage the wasps and their home, then you will need a large scraper or stick to unlatch the hive from where it is attached, and a big garbage bag to catch the hive when it comes down.
  6. Call the professionals: We strongly recommend that you call pest control professionals to do all the dirty work for you. Wasps are social creatures and can be quite aggressive when they feel vulnerable, so they are known to attack in droves. Even though tackling the problem may sound easy to do, it is still extremely risky.

Sage Pest Control is the team that you need to get rid of all of your wasp nests. We are a local family-owned business that takes pride in our customer service. We use only eco-friendly products to get the job done, and we promise 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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