How to Detect Termite Damage in Your Home


If you asked a group of average Americans what they are thankful for, odds are that most–if not all–will include some version of “a roof over my head” or “shelter.” This is also a basic human need. So what do you do when the roof over your head (or the supports beneath the floor you stand on) are literally being eaten away? It changes your perspective on ugly little bugs from a pesky problem to a mountainous menace.

You can, of course, go the do-it-yourself route and check your home for termite signs by yourself, but professionals have experience and training that the layman doesn’t. Compared to the billions of dollars spent in America over termites every year, a few hundred dollars annually can save you a lot of trouble.

They’re Not Just Dangerous, They’re Gross

Did you know that before a swarm of termites dives into a meal of delicious house-supporting wood, they will shed their wings? Great big (relatively) heaps of wings are one of the things to watch for if you’re inspecting your home for termites.

Also, the supports around your foundation (or other near-to-the-ground wood) may look like they’re crumbling. Unfortunately, my friend, that is not crumbliness. It’s crumbs from what’s left when the termites’ appetites are satisfied.

What Do I Do?

First of all, have your home inspected once a year. The damage to your home is a process that can go on for years. However, there is hope. Have your property inspected by a termite expert from Sage Pest Control, we’d be happy to help out. If you live in the South-Eastern part of the country, we offer termite inspection and pest control in NC.

Worried? Call Sage Pest Control today at (704) 413-3398!
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