Where Do Winter Pests Go in the Winter?

Snowy road in the woods

When temperatures start to drop, many animals and insects begin to hibernate or migrate to warmer climates. Others survive the winter as eggs, pupae, or larvae, while some spend the winter underwater beneath the ice. Pests are resourceful and can find warmth and shelter inside logs and trees or under the soil.

Unfortunately, some unwanted critters stick around and seek out places to keep warm near their original homes. This means that you might spot some of them in your home during winter months. Take note of some of the winter pests below that you need to watch out for.

Small Insects

  • Ants, spiders, roaches, and flies look for dry, wooded areas or other coverings and can find their way into your home if they are near enough. Some ants do store up food and fat for the winter and burrow deep underground, but others find shelter elsewhere.
  • Termites are active year-round, especially during winter seasons that are warmer than usual, and can cause significant damage if they spend the winter in your home.
  • Bed bugs are also active year-round because they can survive in nearly freezing temperatures and withstand extreme heat.

Rodents and Small Animals

  • Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and possums are easier to detect in your home because there will probably be some droppings or unusual noises or messes. You’ll want to hire a professional like Sage Pest Control to help evacuate them properly and safely.

Winter Pest Prevention Tips

If the prospect of these unwanted winter pests has you feeling uneasy, fear not! There are a number of things you can do to help keep winter pests from entering your home when it gets cold.

  • Check Firewood: Since many insects hide under dry wood or in wooded outdoor areas, it’s important to store firewood some distance from your home. Also, be sure to check the wood before bringing it into the house for use.
  • Check Pant Legs and Shoes: Insects are talented hitch-hikers and will cling to anything that might transport them to a better environment. Be sure to check your pants, shoes, and any other outerwear when you get inside and remove any insects you find.
  • Check Snow Removal Equipment: Insects also grab onto snow shovels and ride them into your garage, which grants them access to the house.
  • Look for Possible Entry Points: Insects and animals can sometimes squeeze into small openings or holes. They can get in through pipes, wiring, or by chewing into basements or attic spaces.
  • Remove Trash and Debris: Along with woodpiles, insects will find bushes or piles of leaves to hide under. Animals and rodents will be attracted to trash, so make sure your trash cans are securely closed and food is not left outside. Keep the inside of your home free from attractive messes as well by storing food in airtight containers and cleaning up spills immediately.

Ask for Help

Never be afraid to contact a professional if you need assistance in getting rid of unwanted winter pests. Sage Pest Control knows the most effective and safe methods for removal so you can enjoy the comfort of your home all winter long thanks to our pest control services.

For more information about winter pests, contact Sage Pest Control today!
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