Why Eco-Friendly Pest Control is Important in North Carolina

Technician spraying pesticide on tree

Often times when we’re confronted with a pest infestation, our primary focus is to do whatever we can to eliminate the problem. No matter the tactics or products, as long as these solutions work, we don’t often think of the lingering side effects. Unfortunately, many of the over-the-counter chemical solutions that homeowners use to destroy insects and kill rodents are incredibly toxic not just to ourselves, but also to the environment around us.

That’s why it’s so important that when you’re shopping for the right professional pest control company, you choose one that focuses on using eco-friendly pest control products and strategies.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Pest Control in North Carolina?

Eco-friendly pest control companies like Sage Pest Control have first-hand knowledge of the latest and greatest products in the pest control industry. Not only do we have exclusive access to earth-friendly and family-friendly extermination products, but we also know how to properly use these products in a manner that’s safe and effective. Instead of haphazardly spraying chemicals in and throughout your home, Sage Pest Control targets the root source of the infestation and uses chemicals only on the affected areas.

Furthermore, with an array of eco-friendly services in North Carolina, Sage Pest Control also goes above and beyond to find effective, alternative solutions to your pest problem before implementing the use of chemicals. Through the use of things like powders and acids that are non-toxic to humans and pets, Sage Pest Control is able to specifically target individual species of pests and eliminate the root source. Through these services and strategies, Sage Pest Control is able to provide safe and lasting solutions for your pest problem. 

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