How to Tell If You Have a Flea Infestation

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When you think of fleas, pet animals may cross your mind. This troublesome pest is easy to recognize, but another thing to eliminate from your home. A flea infestation can become a problem if not treated right away. Learn how to recognize the signs and what to do about them.

Check the Pets

If there are pets in the house, and you suspect fleas, there are specific signs to look for in an infestation. A pet may have fleas if they are:

  • Scratching frequently
  • Restless
  • Losing hair
  • More uncomfortable than usual

In cats, you can find fleas on the head or neck. In dogs, you’ll see those pesky insects near the end of the tail and groin area. If fleas are suspected, a specific comb can be used to find them on a pet.

Take a Look Inside

With pets in the home, a flea infestation is inevitable. Catching the outbreak of pests in your home will save you as a homeowner a lot of time, money, and worry. Common places to look for fleas include upholstered furniture, carpets or rugs, and inside of a pet’s crate or bedding.

Detecting fleas in these areas requires a good eye and the help of a pest infestation specialist in your community.

The Backyard

You wouldn’t think about the backyard being a place where fleas would reside, but this is a common breeding ground for these insects. If you notice fleas inside, chances are they came from outside.

Flea infestations are most often found in these outside areas:

  • Under and around trees or bushes
  • Common areas where your pet rests or plays outdoors
  • Under or on decks and porches
  • Places where leaves have gathered

Remember, fleas love to hide in moist and shady areas. To test for fleas, put on tall white socks and every few seconds after walking through targeted areas, check for any fleas on them.

Flea Infestation Treatment is Key

Fleas aren’t the only problem that may be in a home. Eggs, larvae, and pupae also have to be addressed and treated. After identifying the problem, it’s vital to clean your house thoroughly and wash your linens and pet beds.

  • A helpful tip: Take your pet to the veterinarian to be treated for fleas.

Facing a flea infestation is overwhelming, but with pest control services, you can relax knowing the problem is in good hands. With a customized treatment plan, our team at Sage Pest Control can get rid of the problem and fast. Contact us today!

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