How to Choose a Pest Control Company for Summer Sales

Are you thinking about doing summer sales for a pest control company? Here are a few red flags to be aware of. Before you even realize it, the final week will be here and you will be sent off to knocking doors for the summer season. But the question is...for which company!

These days there are plethora of companies which hire summer sales representatives and this makes your decision of choosing more difficult.

The pest control companies also employ college students to foster their summer sales where the employed students knock doors of people to tell them about the feasible benefits of pest control services so that they sign up with them.

However, if you’re still wondering about whether or not you should go up for a pest control summer sales, you have to know the basic red flags that you should be taking into account while making a choice and a decision.

#1: What Is the Number of Sales Representatives Being Hired for Every Pest Control Office?

You will often come across companies that hire 20 sales representatives to knock doors in one market. Having such a huge team of 20 sales representatives would create 2 big problems.

Firstly, all the 20 representatives would be knocking doors for the entire summer day and they would even be knocking the same doors 3-4 times which is something extremely miserable and frustrating.

Secondly, it is mostly seen that whether it is a pest control company or some other business when they overstaff a market, this builds in attrition into the business model. This, later on, leads on a certain ratio of sales representatives quitting.

#2: More Representatives Will Mean Inferior Training

Those pest control companies which recruit large numbers of summer sales representatives usually don’t have the required infrastructure to ensure high-quality training to each of them.

Remember that it is always better to choose a company which provides its owner to invest his time in training. This will prove that the owner is interested in your success.

The company which you choose should be successful in offering excellent trainers. Moreover, your personal success as a sales representative should always matter to the pest control company.

#3: Who Is Actually Recruiting You?

Be wary of companies that use recruiters that have no ties with you as soon as the summer season begins. In case the person who hires you is not the manager or owner of the pest control company, he might just be keen on getting your signature and not your overall success.

There are many recruiters who are extremely notorious about relating to you about a perfect picture of what your summer sales experience will be like. According to them, it will be full of fun, sun, and money. They happily omit the struggle and challenges of the job which you, later on, realize while you start working.

So, it comes down that recruiters get paid to recruit and owners get paid when you perform well.

#4: Was the Procedure for Hiring Too Easy?

Do you find your summer sales pest control company hiring you without any formal round of interviews?

If answered yes, they’re just looking for bodies to fill up their vacant positions. This kind of mindset is extremely common for those pest control firms which hire big enough sales teams and later on plan on quitting half of them.

On the other hand, the companies which are truly concerned about your success will thoroughly and carefully interview you before offering you a job.

The current trend among pest control companies and other companies alike to recruit summer sales representatives is causing the college students to brave rejection of an industry that promises financial stability and freedom.

Nevertheless, before opting for a pest control summer sales, be aware of the above mentioned red flags.

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