Have you ever wondered about termites and the damage they can cause? At the end of the day, termites are downright dangerous and can be a real safety issue when it comes to the stability and structure of your home.

To help you protect your home and family, here are the basics of what attracts termites, signs that point to termite infestations, and how to be better prepared when it comes to preventing and treating before too much damage is done.

What Attracts Termites

While there are more than 40 species of termites, there are actually three main types to look out for including: Subterranean, Drywood, and Dampwood termites:

  • Subterranean termites come from the ground and prefer damp, moist, and decaying wood.
  • Drywood termites typically make their home above ground in dry places like attics.
  • Dampwood termites love their namesake and any decaying or damp wood found on the ground is their favorite place to nest.

Signs You Have a Termite Problem

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, look for the following signs:

  • Visibly damaged wood
  • Small piles of wood shavings
  • Holes in wood
  • Mud tubes connecting to your home
  • Blistered or peeling wood
  • Maze patterns in floors and walls

Preventing and Treating Termite Infestations

At Sage Pest Control, we suggest you enlist the help of a professional, especially if you already suspect you have a termite problem. We have environmentally friendly pest control services that can help to protect your home before it’s too late. Other steps you can take to help prevent a termite infestation include sealing cracks in your foundation, keeping up on repairs, ensuring you don’t have excess moisture around the perimeter of your home, and even storing firewood up high and away from your home.

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