New Groundbreaking Termite Treatment With the Termidor HP

Have a termite problem? Termites are not only an unsightly bug but cause major damage to your home. Termites have caused more than $5 billion in property damage each year in the US. Through March 11- 17 is Termite Awareness Week and we wanted to share some information and offer solutions to prevent termite problems.

If you called a pest control company and wanted termite treatment they usually would start a long and tedious process by first trenching around the foundation of the home. This would usually require tearing out any landscaping in the treatment area, which would make your yard unsightly and create extra work for you to fix the damaged landscaping.

Sage Pest Control has a new technology called Termidor HP High Precision Injection System. This is groundbreaking to the industry because it can completely forgo the trenching process. With the new Termidor HP, it injects the pesticide 12 inches deep in the ground where the primary termite activity zone is located.

Additionally, sometimes when making the pesticide, the ratio of water and chemicals isn’t quite right, which can cause a need for more treatments. And in the end, it can cost more. With the Termidor HP, it creates a more accurate and uniform treatment which makes a better solution for your termite infestation.

This new treatment requires less water which doesn’t damage yards and makes the landscape appear as though it was undisturbed and safe for the family to be around. It has more precision, less disruption, and no compromise.

Call Sage Pest Control today at (704) 445-5305 to learn more about the Termidor HP. It will eliminate your pest problem and make you feel confident that you don’t have to worry about a termite infestation.